by Roughhausen



A collection of B sides found on the last five releases and singles.

Being on tour means spending a lot of time in a van/bus/train/plane. A lot of time spent waiting and thinking. Because the tour experience is generally so amplified and intense any moment of quiet you can steal is welcomed. Most of these songs were written on a laptop during down time on tour. Probably just a means of balancing the manic with the need for quiet...

The only exception to this is the song Atrophy, which is a demo recorded in Sub Coin Studios during the Decree sessions, I had paid some session singers to come in and just laid this down to use later. It sat archived on DAT for almost 10 years before I rediscovered it and another 8 tracks, lost in the fog of addiction and withdrawal...

I decided to put this B Side E.P. together to be released as a free DOWNLOAD on my 7th Wedding anniversary 11/19/2013.

It is dedicated to my wife Yao-hsien to whom I owe more than I can ever hope to repay..



released November 19, 2013

J Stoddard



all rights reserved


Roughhausen Taipei, Taiwan

Roughhausen is the current project of former Front Line Assembly / Will / Decree guitarist J.Stoddard.

What started out as late night experiments deep in the Bowels of Skinny Puppy's Subcon Studios evolved into The blood stained sheets & piss stained streets of Roughhausen's ethos
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Track Name: Atrohpy

I saw you yesterday
Don’t think you even recognized me
Things are funny that way
How we could be so close
And now
So far away

Maybe it was you
Maybe it was me
I can’t tell
But I could see the dawn
In your eyes
When they met mine

Now I can’t even remember
Can’t feel the atrophy
That raping me

I lost something
Don’t know what it is
As much as I wanted to
My pride always got in the way
I never had the courage to say
As much as I wanted to
My words always got in the way
I never had the courage to say

Please stay

Can’t see the light
Don’t even really want to
Want to hide away
Come again another day
If I could just feel something

I would be able to say
Please stay